1, 2 or 3 hours afternoon private lessons outdoor or at the ADEL climbing hall in Campitello di Fassa. Available every afternoon by reservation, assisted by our Alpine Guides.
Meeting point: from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm at the ADEL climbing hall in Campitello di Fassa or to be define at booking if outdoor.

Cost: 1 hour 45 €, 2 hours 90 €, 3 hours 120 €. Including harness, shoes and helmet.
Possibility to divide the cost of the lesson with one or two people.
To be add the price of the entrance to the climbing hall: € 10 adults and € 5 children (under 14 years).

Reservation within the previous day

Exciting Mountain experience

For those who want to experience the thrill of ascending an easy climbing route for the first time. You will reach the peak, rappel down and face overhanging stretches in full safety, lead by a Mountain Guide. Price: starting from 90€ per person.

Weekend sport climbing stage

One or two-days climbing course (adults and children are divided into different groups) to approach the mountain landscape and this amazing sport, or to improve your climbing tecnique.
Price: starting from 50€ per person (min. 5 persons).

Climbing courses for adults and children

Every monday, outdoor climbing test-day on crags or, in case of bad weather, at the climbing hall in Campitello. Adults and children can try to climb and decide whether take part to the weekly climbing course. Courses are divided into BASE or ADVANCED and last from 1 to 5 consecutive days (monday to friday) including 3 half-days and 2 whole days.
Test day: starting from 40€ per person (min. 5 persons).
5 days course price: 80€ per person per day (min. 3 persons).