Born and raised in the Dolomites, Giuliano Mazzel, class of 1956, transformed his passion into a job. As a kid he used to always go on excursions and do via ferratas with his family, but as he grew up and started climbing and hiking with friends, his love for the mountains grew with him.  The older alpine guides realized right away that Giuliano had the courage and spirit of a real Fassa Valley Guide. So they convinced him to do join the courses to become an Alpine Guide, in order to learn more fundamental skills and most importantly safeguard his life. Furthermore, during the 80s the request for guided excursions was growing, but there were very few alpine guides. That’s when, in 1984, Giuliano became a guide.

Since then many years have gone by, but the enthusiasm and passion of when he was young never went away. He spends every day skiing, snowshoeing, climbing and hiking, not only in Italy but also around the world: from the Himalayas to the Jordan desert, from the Mountains of North America to the Andes. During the expedition on the Aconcagua, out of 10 people only 2 arrived at the summit and Giuliano was one of them.

Throughout the years he developed also a passion for art and in the past he had the chance to exhibit some works at the Museo Ladino in Vigo di Fassa and a local feast in Canazei. Today he mostly does paintings of unrealistic mountain landscapes for whoever is interested. 

He loves spending time with his children, who also grew up with the same passion for the mountains. If needed, he collaborates with the group of the Ciamorces and the Alpine Rescue Team.

Giuliano thinks of the mountain as his office, job, hobby and life, and being an Alpine Guide is just the best opportunity to share this immense passion with other people.